I need a new track now

Aperi'CTF 2019 - Steganography (175 pts).

Aperi’CTF 2019 - I need a new track now

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Event Challenge Category Points Solves
Aperi’CTF 2019 I need a new track now Steganography 175 1

Votre ami audiophile vous a laissé un message dans une de ses compositions. Sauriez-vous le retrouver ?

Challenge: I_Need_A_New_Track_Now.wav - md5sum : f2511ab63365e24b94ef0c575cdbfdca


We read the WAV specification, saw the “DataSize” block in header attributes, increased the value, listen to the end of the wavfile and got the flag.



I opened the file with audacity and starting few search. Here was the original file curve:


After testing the most known techniques, we took a break and focus on the name of the challenge: “I need a new track now”. This may mean that we should pass to an other track. Maybe is the track “after” the one we got ? Maybe should-we extend the track ? I decided to have a look at the WAF (RIFF) file format:


I saw the DataSize line which set the number of block composing the sound. Lets increase this value (note that the value is coded with little endian on 4 bytes). The DataSize is set right after the “data” constant.

I opened the file with hexed.it (you can use any hex editor) and increased the DataSize value from F4 08 DA 00 to F4 08 DA 01:


Press Ctrl+S and open the modified file with your favorite listening software. Here is the edited file: I_Need_A_New_Track_Now_fixed.wav - md5sum : cfb718065465a44b794b369904dfeb19


Here we can listen the end of the file, aka “the new track” and got the flag:

Bravo, le flag est APRK{R351Z3_M3}, le tout en majuscule.