ReadingRainbow - 0_Network_Enumeration

TamuCTF 2019 - Forensic (100 pts).

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TamuCTF 2019 ReadingRainbow - 0_Network_Enumeration Forensic 100 611

Download: capture.pcap - md5: e36ff23c6995e3595035982cced6c6a9


Recently, the office put up a private webserver to store important information about the newest research project for the company. This information was to be kept confidential, as it’s release could mean a large loss for everyone in the office. Just as the research was about to be published, a competing firm published information eerily similar. Too similar… Time to take a look through the office network logs to figure out what happened.

capture.pcap - md5: e36ff23c6995e3595035982cced6c6a9


I used tshark and wc to get the ip and the count.


In this task, the challenge deal with a PCAP file, I let you check my article about PCAP analysis.

The first flag is to find the internal IP address of a web server. Since PCAP is quite large, I just have to load it into Capanalysis and filter on the SSL and HTTP protocols, then filter on the IP that receives the most data:

0_netenum_chall11.png Fig 1: Web server IP address

It was the web server we were looking for:

Flag 1:

Now the second challenge is to find the number of IP addresses that have connected to this webserver. Since we know his IP address, with tshark it’s pretty easy:

▶ tshark -r capture.pcap -Y "ip.dst ==" -Tfields -e 'ip.src' | sort | uniq

▶ tshark -r capture.pcap -Y "ip.dst ==" -Tfields -e 'ip.src' | sort | uniq | wc -l

Fortunately, all connections are done on the same day:

Flag 2: 13