We will rock you

TJCTF 2018 - Forensics (75 pts).

TJCTF 2018 - We Will Rock You

Event Challenge Category Points Solves
TJCTF 2018 We Will Rock You Forensics 75 45


This is a forensic bruteforce task, if you get the right tools with the right wordlist, it goes well. The statement:

Help! I lost the password to my Dogecoin wallet. I had like 10 Dogecoin in there. If you get the password, you’ll get the flag! Flag format: tjctf{password}

Downloadable link: https://mega.nz/#!OXxhxKpT!CZGnoHTvneTjfzkxvHD0VCXa_j9h5sqWZastamgm4_I

(xz archive, then xz -d <archvie_name.xz>)

MD5 : e52d74fe8e2eff36559b9e17d93ae4f3


In this task the author gaves us a cryptocurrency wallet. You just have to bruteforce the wallet with bruteforce-wallet on GitHub and the RockYou wordlist.

State of the art

A wallet in cryptocurrency is encrypted using a strong cipher suite. But, it remains a little file encrypted with a key, so I just have to find this key. With the name of the task We Will Rock You, I immediately think to Rockyou wordlist the bruteforce it.


After a quick search on Google, I find this GitHub repo: https://github.com/glv2/bruteforce-wallet

$ git clone https://github.com/glv2/bruteforce-wallet.git
$ ./autogen.sh
$ sudo apt install libdb-dev libssl-dev -y
$ ./configure
$ make
$ ./bruteforce-wallet -t 6 -f rockyou_dic ../9d7e6203fb6e2c14646c63bea94e48001b9317c86bec229c3e063904a168dfad_wallet.dat
Warning: using dictionary mode, ignoring options -b, -e, -l, -m and -s.

Tried passwords: 1
Tried passwords per second: inf
Last tried password: zeufhezuf

Password found: tinkerbell